Vocal Coaching and Roy Hart Work

with Audrey Pernell and Andrés Zará


Holistic voice work for professionals in the performing arts, voice pedagogy, and creative therapies.

Year-Long Program

In our studio in Santiago, Chile we offer an innovative year-long program combining group training and individual work, divided into 4 modules with different membership plans.

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Individual Training

Explore your voice and develop a personal project with Vocal Coaching, Roy Hart Work, and/or Sound-Body Sessions.  We offer packages to meet your needs.

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Online Courses

Join our online community through guided practice videos, interactive webinars, and concrete action plans for transformative training wherever you are in the world.

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What our clients are saying…

“Coming from dance, my desire was to be able to feel my voice as part of my body, integrated with my movement and emotions.  With Audrey and Andrés, and their thorough pedagogy–methodic yet very human and sensitive–I have been able to gain the confidence and feel that I am well on my way to what brought me to Rumbos, in addition to the surprising aspects of my voice that they helped me to discover.”

FRANCISCA MORAND, M.A., C.M.A., Professor of Dance, Dance Department Subdirector, University of Chile

“It isn’t easy to find people like Audrey and Andrés.  They are true artisans of the voice, who have dedicated an important part of their lives to delve deeply into this discipline, as well as fine-tune their abilities in order to show the path to others.  Their studio is a crucible where the intensity is often heightened, but they know how guide [the work], to open new spaces in the sound and in the emotions.  I was searching to work with my voice–to know it, get closer to it, stretch it, let myself go, to get excited, and to grow all at once.  I got that and much more.”

MARKO BREMER, Clinical and Educational Psychologist

“This work has deeply penetrated my voice and my body, teaching me to respect the processes of working with the voice and to become sensitive to what stimulates me to sing.  I thank Rumbos every day for teaching me what I was searching for the most–to enjoy what I was doing.”

COTY SANDOVAL, Singer and Composer, Chilean band 'Peluza'
“In Rumbos they taught me that the voice is an instrument with unique personality.  That to be able to sing, technique alone is not enough.  That we must know and fully accept our voice.  That this is a constant, profound, and sometimes complex process….  There aren’t always certainties, but it’s tremendously illuminating.

Thank you Audrey and Andrés for the generosity with which you deliver your knowledge, for the guidance, and for loving what you do.”

GONZALO LAVANDEROS, Yoga Teacher, Voice and Singing Teacher