We offer three options for personalized sessions, directing the work according to your needs.  You can work with Audrey or Andrés, or design a package combining the two.


For live projects or studio recordings in the areas of music, performance, pedagogy, or corporate team-building.


Explore the voice and the person behind it.  Dynamics for embodied sound, improvisation and interpretation.


Therapeutic massage and yoga with voice to release physical tension and renew vocal elasticity.

After a lot of searching, in a workshop…
“…I met Andrés.  And there began my journey, not only into this way of working, but a journey toward a place of inner confidence from which I opened myself to realizing my profound longing to communicate deeply with other people.  That is, to sing my own songs in a performance where I could feel confortable, dynamic, and connected to what I feel, connected to what other people feel.  […]
In Rumbos I found an artistic womb where my inner singer could begin to take form and flourish.  Here I created the first melodies, that with the help of my composition teacher, became songs.  And those songs came out of me, with the work of midwives, Audrey and Andrés, whose work requires great courage to go through many internal connecting points.  It requires delicacy, self-care, and learning to value myself, not only on an artistic level, but also as a living being.   Perhaps of all the immeasurably valuable work we do in Rumbos, what touched me most deeply was this:  learning to value myself, to appreciate what I feel as something legitimate–the truth of my unique and subjective experiences, worthy of recognition and space in my life.   They helped me to dare to take my place in the world.  […]
The tools that I acquired in Rumbos helped me to have much more patience, to view mistakes as creative paths, to value my experience over results, and to return to my center, time and again, as many times as necessary.”
Daniela Santa Cruz, Singer-Songwriter | Visual Artist