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“Work in Progress” Toward Your Goal


One of the most valuable tools we employ in RUMBOS Voice Studio to help us reach and refine our professional goals is the “work in progress”, an intimate performance in the presence of colleagues, mentors, and friends in which we simply share something of where we are in our process.  Setting public deadlines on route to your finished product will help you:  

•  find the motivation to show up for yourself and move forward

• keep your perfectionism in check

• receive invaluable feedback to inspire the next phase of your project

We all need support to hold ourselves accountable and to connect with other people in the creative process.  Here’s a short video of clips from our students’ work to give you a taste of what we do in our studio and how we work with improvisation and original composition.  Thank you Natalia, Ana María, Felipe and Gabriel for giving so much and inspiring us to keep going!

If you have any questions after you watch, we’d love to hear from you 🙂

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